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Memorandum from the Bureau of Plant Industry on Possible Pests to Occur in the 4Q of 2017

Herewith is the memorandum signed by the OIC Director George Y. Culaste to alert DA - Regional Executive Directors, BPI Center Chiefs, National Plant Quarantine Services, National Seed Quality Control Services and Crop Research and Production Support Divisions. List of top 5 pests possibly to occur in different regions, the triggering conditions as well as management strategies were issued.  




Special Orders on Designations, Details and Reassignments




Designation Of Director George Y. Culaste As Officer-In-Charge, Director Of The Bureau Of Plant Industry





Designation of DIR. Andrew Villacorta as Officer-In-Charge(OIC) at The Office of Undersecretary For Operations



Designation of Dr. Andrew B. Villacorta, OIC-Field Operation Service Director (OIC) National Deputy Project Director For Philippine Rural Development Project



 Designation of Assistant Director Jennifer E. Remonquillo as Officer in Charge of Bureau of Plant Industry



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